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Burlington Library Association

Regular Meeting Minutes

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Annual Meetings

Draft Minutes of April 11, 2018

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Pat Miller. Present were members Len Berton, Bill Butler, Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, Sandy Hierl, Sanford Mazeau, Pat Miller, Nancy Monahan, Georgia Riberdy, Jonathan Schwartz, Pat Small, Kristen Williams.

2. Correspondance
2a. None.

3. Acceptance of March 2018 Minutes.
3a. Motion to accept the February minutes by Sandy Hierl, second by Bill Butler. Vote was unanimous.

4. Treasurer's Report.
4a. Sandy Mazeau reports a good response from the membership mailing, and estimates that we have received close to four thousand dollars, with the hope that we will receive more in the future.
4b. Sandy Mazeau presented the budget to date.
4c. Georgia moved to accept the treasurer's report, second by Pat Small, vote unanimous.

5. Library Board Report
5a. Board is working an internet access policy so that we can accept donations from CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act). A public hearing will be needed to establish the policy.

6. Library Director's Report
6a. Book Sale: volunteers are meeting to decide on a date for a book sale. Since the basement is not available shelves will be set up on the main floor.
6b. Library grand re-opening April 29 update: Help needed for setup and to provide desserts. There will be a membership table.

7. Memorial Bench Update
7a. Bench was delivered on April 10 and installed in front of the library. Per Susan Sadecki there will be a public posting with the words "Memorial Bench dedicated to Bob Merriman made possible with a grant from the James R. Parker Trust at the Main Street Community Foundation". A photo will be sent to Main Street with a request for a press release.

8. Annual Meeting, May 18.
8a. Refreshments needed.
8b. Speaker. Mary Peterson will speak.

9. New Business
9a. Nominating committee - directors and officers. All offices are up for renewal. Board members Sandy Mazeau, Nancy Winter, Pat Small, Mary Labadia, Bill Butler are up for renewal. Pat Miller will not serve another term as President.
9b. Change of insurance to Hanover Policy until 10/10/2018. Motion to stay with old policy until renewal by Pat Small, second by Bill Butler, vote is unanimous. Georgia will obtain quotes over the summer.
9c. Burlington Community Fund ideas for courtyard.

Meeting adjourned at 3:21 pm.

Jonathan Schwartz, Secretary

March 14, 2018

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:33 PM by Pat Miller. Present were members Len Berton, Bill Butler, Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, Sandy Hierl, Pat Miller, Georgia Riberdy, Jonathan Schwartz, Georgia Riberty, Pat Small, guest Jim Hunt.

2. Overview of Insurance Policies - Jim Hunt. Insurance needs for various BLA activities.

3. Acceptance of February 2018 Minutes.
3a. Motion to accept the February minutes as corrected by Len Berton, second by Georgia. Vote was unanimous.

4. Library Directors Report
4a. Book Sales - Annual appeal mailing will be requesting volunteers.
4b. Library Grand Re-opening - April 29, 2018 noon until 3:00pm. TAC members will be leading tours
4c. Will be participating in the CT Library Passport program.
4d. Tavern day meetings will be held at the library. Library will not be funding a performer in the schoolhouse this year.
4e. Summer reading this year will be themed "Libraries Rock" - geology.

5. Library Board Report
5a. Board is working on budget, internet access policy.

6. Memorial Bench Update
6a. By email on 2/21/2018: A motion by Pat Miller, second by Jonathan Schwartz, to spend $2656 to purchase a 4-foot long
granite park style bench for the library portico. The bench will be inscribed with the words

In Honor of Bob Merriman
1918 - 2015
He made a difference.

The following responded by email. Yes: Miller, Schwartz, Berton, Hierl, Monahan, Winter, Krewalk, Mazeau, Riberdy, Small, Labadia. No: none. Butler stated approval previously.

7. Annual Meeting.
7a. Hope to have the bench ready. Will ask someone to speak.

8. Treasurer's Report.
8a. Sandy Mazeau not in attendance. Budget spreadsheet presented.

9. New Business

Meeting adjourned at 3:28 pm.

Jonathan Schwartz, Secretary

February 14, 2018

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Pat Miller. Present were members Len Berton, Bill Butler, Sandy Hierl, Sanford Mazeau, Pat Miller, Georgia Riberdy, Jonathan Schwartz, Assistant Library Director Diana Rudzinski.

2. Correspondence
2a. Letter from Main Street Community Foundation stating that they have $820 for us.

3. Acceptance of December 2017 Minutes.
3a. Motion to accept the December minutes as corrected by Sandy Mazeau, second by Sandy Hierl. Vote was unanimous.
(There was no meeting in January.)

4. Treasurer's Report.
4a. Budget spreadsheet submitted and explained by Sandy Mazeau. Motion to accept budget by Bill Butler, second by Len Berton; vote unanimous.
4b. State filing has been submitted.

5. Library Board and Directors Report
5a. Discussed budget for next year, which includes cuts.
5b. State park passes are no longer needed for most parks. Suggestion from library that we not pay for the three that are not
5c. Web site revision is proceeding.

6. Library Grand Re-Opening
6a. Sunday April 29 noon to 3:00pm.

7. New Business
7a. Adding more programs for adults.
7b. Memorial bench for Bob Merriman. A quote will be requested for a gray granite bench with the words
Bob Merriman 1918-2015
Founder of the Burlington Library Association
7c. Annual meeting date will be May 18 at 7pm.

Meeting adjourned at 3:04 pm.

Jonathan Schwartz, Secretary