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Burlington Library Association

Regular Meeting Minutes 2020-21

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February 12, 2020

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:31 p.m. by Kristen Williams. Present were members Pat Small, Georgia Riberdy, Nancy Winter, Len Berton, Bill Butler, Sandy Mazeau, Sandy Hierl, Kristen Williams, and Assistant Library Director, Jodi Papazian. Guest, Dave Goodale, who is the new librarian in the Burlington Room, was also in attendance.

2. Correspondence
2a. Main Street Community Foundation sent a letter regarding the availability of the distribution check for $910 to either be cashed are reinvested. Kristen Williams responded requesting the distribution check to be cashed.
2b. Farmington USPS sent a letter that there was money remaining in the Friend's Bulk postage account. Pat Small volunteered to follow up with the post office to request the money.

3. Acceptance of Minutes.
3a. The board reviewed the minutes from January 2020. Len Berton motioned to accept the minutes. Sandy Mazeau seconded. The vote was unanimously in favor of accepting the minutes.
3b. The board reviewed the minutes from December 2019. Georgia Riberdy motioned to accept the minutes. Bill Butler seconded. The vote was unanimously in favor of accepting the minutes.

4. Treasurer's Report.
4a. Sandy Mazeau shared that the 2019 taxes have been filed.
4b. Sandy Mazeau presented a draft 2020 budget for review that includes a $2,000 increase in library programs.
" The board reviewed the plan and proposed reducing museum passes by $500 and shifting that plus an undesignated $250 to library programs.
" In addition, given all magazine funding comes out of the books/materials funding, the board proposed bringing back a magazine fundraising drive in April to help offset magazine costs.
" Pat Small motioned to accept the 2020 budget as amended. Sand Hierl seconded. The vote was unanimously in favor of accepting the 2020 budget.

5. Library Board of Directors Report
5a. Sandy Hierl shared that the last meeting the spent the most time with Dave Goodale regarding the Burlington Room. They also discussed strengthening the language regarding donations received.

6. Library Director's Report
6a. Jodi Papazian introduced Dave Goodale who is now on staff for the History Room. They shared plans for adding programs, social media and more for this great resource of local history.
6b. Jodi also shared that the teen librarian position remains open and they do not have a candidate yet. They have modified the requirements to indicate the MLS degree as optional in hopes of increasing the candidate pool.

7. Fundraising
7a. Tote/Book Bag - Kristen Williams shared that she is working on the book bag and hopes to have ready for sale starting 4/3 to coincide with the Spring Book Sale.
7b. 2020 Calendar Review - The board reviewed the current calendar, including updates as follows:
" The book sale has added a half day on Friday, 4/3 to increase sales.
" The Annual Fund Drive has been confirmed for end of April timing.
" Per budget discussion above, a magazine drive in April is now in development.
" We've added a Sidewalk Book Sale to June and August to coincide with library summer reading start/end events.

10. New Business
10a. Kristen Williams reached out to the Burlington Chamber of Commerce to inquire about joining at a non-profit rate. Will advise board when she hears back.
10b. Kristen Williams also shared information regarding fundraising nights at Sherman's Taproom in town. Other groups in town are also exploring and we may learn a bit from them. We will continue to keep it open as an option.

Meeting adjourned at 2:56 pm